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Laser System Service

Photon Manufacturing is the only source qualified to service existing Laser Fantasy hardware installations.  We have access to the original documentation, and depending on the vintage, we likely designed and built your system.

Photon Manufacturing Services

System Design

Many venues synchronize multiple different technologies to create their shows.  Photon Manufacturing can design and install an efficient and easy to operate control system for your site.

Electronics Design

Custom circuit systems are a large part of our engineering background.  We can harness those pesky electrons to make your equipment sing.

Optical Design

Never a wasted photon is our motto.  Efficient optical design is our specialty, and we are experienced in working with the brightest lasers in the entertainment industry.

Photon Manufacturing is an engineering company specializing in Laser Display.  With decades of experience building lasers and laser show systems, we design, manufacture, and support the highest quality laser light show equipment available worldwide.

Laser Fantasy Laser Systems

Infinity 2000 Laser

50 watt yag laser

Infinity 2000 Controller

Control via network

Laser System Service

Maintaining LFI hardware

Design Services

System Design

Show Control

Electronics Design

Circuit boards

Optical Design

Projector layout

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