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Infinity 2000

Designed specifically for the entertainment, advertising display, and architectural lighting industries, the Laser Fantasy Infinity-2000 is the brightest and most cost effective laser beam system available. Alluring, high visibility beams coupled with ease-of-use and superior reliability sets the I-2000 apart from any other laser. Spectacular lime green beams can be visible up to 40 miles or 64 km outdoors, weather and lighting conditions permitting. Indoors the I-2000 will produce powerful overhead beam effects, even in fully lit areas.

Since its introduction in 1995, hundreds of Infinity 2000 lasers have been sold for use in large-scale displays.  As a vital component of the world’s largest light show, the power behind North America’s most powerful laser display, and the most popular high-power touring laser, the Infinity 2000 has entertained and amazed more people than any other laser system.

The I-2000d is the latest generation of the Infinity-2000 laser, incorporating popular control protocols such as DMX-512, ILDA and TCP/IP for simplified system integration. Operation of the I-2000d comes from an updated controller with a familiar but simplified interface. An improved lamp driver provides even greater reliability than earlier designs while shedding about half its weight. The laser head maintains the proven optical layout of previous I-2000 lasers, with updated electronics for ultimate control over the beam scanning pattern.

The I-2000 Aerial Beam System includes: 

  1. Laser Head

  2. Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger

  3. Laser Controller • Lamp Driver

Laser Head

Laser Output Power Options: 20-100 Watts (50 Watts Standard)

Wavelength: 532nm

Pulse Repetition Frequency: 10KHz

Laser Dimensions: 22 in x 15 in x 7 in (56 cm x 38 cm x 18 cm)

Electrical Requirements: 1 phase 220 V @ 40 amps

Laser Input Power: 6,600 Watts

Weight: 55lbs (25 kg)

Laser Controller

Interface: Windows GUI through TCP/IP, ILDA standard Protocol w/4 effect bits,


Controller Dimensions: 18in x 22in x 13in (46cm x 56cm x 33cm)

Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)

Remote Features:

• Laser On/Off Functions

• System and Projector Interlocks

• Lamp Current

• Low Power Mode

• Q-Switched Blanking

• Remote Diagnostics

• IP Addressing (for multiple system application)

Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger

Dimensions: 18in x 22in x 13in (46cm x 56cm x 33cm)

Required Water Pressure: 40psi (276 kPa)

Water Flow: 1US gal/min (3.8 liter/min)

Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg)


  1. Pangolin Software

  2. Rack-Mount PC

• Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger

  1. Fiber Optic launched remote Scan Heads and effects

  2. Multiplex mirror bounce system for independent control of up to 8 positions

  3. Side-scan from the optic table for dynamic beam displays

  4. Self contained Space-Case for touring.


Photon Manufacturing is an engineering company specializing in Laser Display.  With decades of experience building lasers and laser show systems, we design, manufacture, and support the highest quality laser light show equipment available worldwide.

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A detailed product sheet is available for download here.Products_files/Laser_Fantasy_Infinity2000_YAG_1.pdfProducts_files/Laser_Fantasy_Infinity2000_YAG_2.pdfshapeimage_8_link_0